What kind of crews do you use?

A: Only the Best! Hands down. We are perfectionists and we take responsibility for every job – from that small painting job to a full blown renovation. Your standards are high – so are ours. In addition, you should know that our crews are fully insured and meet all licensing requirements. You have no worries.

What is the process throughout the project?

A: During the last 30 plus years we have developed a planning and implementation process that has proven successful over and over again. Communications and detailed contract and production schedule are really the keys here. First we sit down with you and listen. We want to know what you are thinking – the ideas you have – the things you are concerned about. Then we create a visual picture – a professional architectural drawing that brings your dream to live on the page. Next is the budget and contract phase. Then the transformation begins. Our crews get to work, doing what we do best. If there are any questions along the way, you can always reach us and get a straight answer quickly. If there are any changes in the project, we update the contract and schedule and keep moving forward. We are with you every step of the way – every day.

Where do we get the products needed for the project?

A: Some projects will require the purchase of products, such as cabinets flooring doors, shower tile, fixtures, etc. Over the years we have put together a list of businesses that we believe will give you high quality products and will be conscientious of your budget. many clients as us to shop with them and have already done the homework and they can jump right in. We make sure you are completely thrilled with your new space.

How can I be certain that I’ll be treated fairly and professionally?

A: You will be treated fairly and professionally because you have our word. We realize that there are many contractors out there. We have also heard the horror stories about contractors who left a job unfinished or sent in a surprisingly large bill. Whether you choose our company or another, my advice to you is to make sure you spend time up front with the contractor. Ask lots of questions – Ask for references. You are getting ready to invest in a dream. My job is to make that process move forward as quickly and professionally as possible. We can promise you this, you won’t be disappointed.

Why do some contractors cost more than others?

A: Not all contractors produce the same high quality product, and not all builders are licensed or provide the required insurance. S&J Renovations uses only top grade materials that ensure long life and performance, maximizing your return on your investment.

How do I tell if my contractor is licensed or qualified to do the type of work that my project requires?

A: The Florida Department of Business Professionals has a website to check the status of every contractor www.myfloridalicence.com/wl11.asp.

Should I hire a general contractor who does not have general liability insurance?

A: No, you should not hire any contractors who are uninsured. Without this insurance they are not licensed to work in the state. S&J Renovations will provide a copy of this to you at any time.

S&J Renovations is fully insured with General Liability Insurance all of our Subcontractors are required to carry the same.

What is Budget?

A: A budget generally refers to a list or spreadsheet of all planed expenses to complete the construction project. An Owner’s budget will typically include all associated costs of construction including Architectural design fees structural engineering fees, permit fees, (which combined are called “soft costs”) and construction costs. Essentially the budget is a tool that illustrates the trade-offs of making monetary decisions during the construction process. A General Contractor’s budget will be similar to the Owner’s budget; however, the GC typically does not track the soft costs of the project.

Can I manage part of the project on my own?

A: We typically discourage the Owner from managing parts of the project on their own. The reason you hired a General Contractor in the first place is to manage the project, manage your expectations, and manage the budget. Most often the Owner will pick out materials and products; however, procurement and installation of these items should be left to the professionals to be installed. The benefits of having your General Contractor oversee all work are plentiful such as warranty, contractor discounts in pricing, and most importantly scheduling. If you have a 9-5 job the subcontractor is not going to want to meet you at the job site at 6 at night or on weekends. See our Case Study link for more on this subject.

Q. What if I don’t agree with the assessed value placed on the new construction?

A: As with a change in ownership or any newly assessed values, you have the right to appeal the value if you feel that the assessed value exceeds the market value of your new construction.

You may request an informal review of the assessment from the assessor’s office. If the review does not result in a satisfactory conclusion, you may pursue an assessment appeal.

The assessment appeal process is available for disagreements regarding the enrolled value of the property. An independent assessment appeals board from your county hears all appeals and renders a decision. Information concerning the assessment appeals process and deadlines in which an appeal must be filed are included with the value notification(s) sent by the county assessor to the property owner.

Q. How can I find out what my property taxes will be after the completion of my kitchen remodel and family room addition?

A: The local tax roll is available to the public at your county assessor’s office. The roll contains the parcel number and/or location designation; name and mailing address of the assessee; the assessed values of land, improvements, personal property and possessory interests; penalties imposed; homeowners’ exemption, if applied; local revenue district; and the total taxable value of all property assessed.

If construction is in progress on the January 1 lien date, its value as of the lien date will appear on your regular tax bill for the ensuing fiscal year. Approximately one to six months after completion of your construction, you will be issued a supplemental assessment.